In the Spotlight!

Here are some great ideas from Jennifer Lusinski's classroom
This is Jennifer's scale.  She laminated it and can make it goal specific when needed (it's hard to see but she has her goal at the top of the scale).  I like how the pictures represent the levels of performance ("stuck" in the sand - shell, shark - getting ready to swim, octopus - need a "helping hand", pinch perfect - proficiency and a star fish for being a "star")
Here is the same scale.  Each student has one on their desks and can move the sailboat up/down with each goal throughout the day.  She put a little ball of sticky tac on the back of the sailboat to help it stick/unstick easily.

During the week, the kids track their progress on a specific learning goal.  It's a little hard to see, but there are pictures on the left side of the chart that match the scales.  (At the top it says, "I can......make contractions.")

Here is another great take away from my time in Jennifer's classroom.  By her guided reading table, she has this goal poster.  Each student's name is on a small sticky note.  Their name is placed by the goal they are working on during writer's workshop.  This is a great way to keep kids focused on what they need to improve on in their writing!